"This was the best course I have ever attended in my 20 yrs as a P.A.  It should be required--useful, fun, and excellent!"  

"This course was great--instructors had a great energy and desire to teach.  The hands-on skills are great"

"Very well done class.  Good balance between power points and being outside.  Lots of time to practice skills which was awesome"

"Exceeded all expectations--great balance of importance of skills/knowledge acquisition vs. low stress learning environment.  Well worth the money/investment!  Thank you!"

"I feel better prepared hiking and trail running in the backcountry with my family.  I now know what to bring for needs in an emergency and feel better prepared for changing weather conditions."

"Outstanding Team!  Thanks!"

"This has been the best CME course I have ever done.  The extensive use of hands-on practice is terrific and really helped me get confident.  Pat and Billy are excellent, engaging instructors and it is helpful to hear their personal experiences"

"Great experience with instructors that live what they teach.  Excellent instruction with real stories of their experiences in the wilderness.  Very approachable, made class fun.  Pat and Billy are nothing short of excellent."

"Hey!  Just wanted to thank you for showing me how to reduce a dislocated shoulder years ago.  I was backcountry skiing Mt. Washington yesterday and fell and dislocated my L shoulder.  If I didn't know how to reduce it, (and I didn't before you showed me) I wouldn't have been able to ski out.  And it would have been more painful and damaging.  So, thank you!!